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Treadmill of Production: Injustice and Unsustainability

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Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Boekomslag van "Treadmill of Production: Injustice and Unsustainability in the Global Economy" met een grote stapel afval voor een industrieel gebouw, waarin politiek-economische verschuivingen worden belicht en waarin de auteurs en het thema van onrechtvaardigheid en onduurzaamheid worden beschreven.
Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Achterkant van het boek "Treadmill of Production: Injustice and Unsustainability in the Global Economy" van Paul Robbins, John Hintz en Sarah A. Moore, met tekstbeschrijvingen en recensies gericht op milieusociologie.
Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Persoon die een boek vasthoudt met de titel "Treadmill of Production: Injustice and Unsustainability in the Global Economy" door Kenneth A. Gould en Allan Schnaiberg, de omslag bevat industriële beelden die politiek-economische verschuivingen weerspiegelen.

Treadmill of Production: Injustice and Unsustainability in the Global Economy

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Schnaiberg's Treadmill of Production theory stands as a cornerstone in environmental sociology, leaving an indelible mark over three decades. Its elaboration and empirical testing have rendered it a reliable predictor of political-economic shifts on a global scale. Particularly in the global South, it holds a central position in the studies of structural environmental analysts, serving as a driving force for various political-economic movements.

This new Treadmill of Production book takes the treadmill theory a step further, illuminating why both analysts and governments in the Northern hemisphere have faltered in safeguarding our environment and guaranteeing a sustainable future. Drawing from an empirically grounded political-economic perspective, the authors dissect the root causes of environmental degradation, expose the limitations of existing protection policies, and shed light on the shortcomings of institutional decision-makers in upholding human well-being.

Authored by Kenneth A. Gould, David N. Pellow, and Allan Schnaiberg, this work presents an insightful analysis that challenges prevailing paradigms and advocates for a more comprehensive approach to environmental preservation. Published by Taylor & Francis Ltd, this first edition, released on July 30, 2008, encompasses 160 pages in paperback format with dimensions of 13.79 x 0.94 x 21.59 cm. Another hardcover edition was released on May 30, 2008, with the same page count and dimensions of 14.61 x 1.91 x 21.59 cm.
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