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Treadmill Desk Revolution: The Easy Way to Lose Up to 50 Pounds in a Year - Without Dieting

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Is Sitting Killing You? Science says sitting is lethal. Excessive sitting can lead to a laundry list of unhealthy problems, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and ultimately premature death. Unfortunately, many of us have jobs that are tied to computers and require us to sit at our desks all day long. We may not be able to change the nature of our jobs, but we can change the way we work. This Book Just Might Save Your Life A treadmill desk is a walking workstation that lets you burn calories on the job. Walking at a slow pace, even for just an hour or two a day, can radically reduce the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and melt off unwanted weight. In this book you'll learn all about the dangers of sitting and the positive steps you can take to do something about it. We'll meet a host of treadmill desk pioneers; regular people who have lost 20-100 pounds just by incorporating walking into their work day. This book is for office workers who are sick of feeling sedentary and tired on the job -- and are ready to take action. You'll learn about several popular treadmill desk models on the market, as well as a helpful do-it-yourself tips and strategies. Yes, you can buy a $4000 treadmill desk if you have the money. But you can also set one up yourself for under $100. This book will show you how to do it so you can lose the weight and create a healthier lifestyle for years to come.