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The 5 to 5 Basic Barbell Training Program: A simple Barbell training Program for Strength, Power Lifting and Strongman.

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"I've trained in and around gyms all my life but I've never been as strong or powerful as I am following this program. I've put on major muscle mass and as hard gainer that's very important to me. I've been told by other instructors I'm I am too small to bench or squat 200lb..that I'm too skinny. But with this Barbell training program and with sessions from Peter I'm well on the way to personal best 300lb lifts. This for me is a major improvement. Buy this program and you will see improvements" A. Clarke "I am not new to Barbell training or Barbell training programs, but this one was refreshing for me. It's high intensity and if you're willing to do the work on repeat doubles and singles then your poundage's will sky rocket. If you can't get a session with Peter then buy this book, it won't replace him but you can at least do the program and improve your lifts." W.Harris-Power Lifter The 5 to 5 Basic Barbell Training Program-BUY NOW and smash your previous lifting best records just like many of my clients I've always been interested in Barbell training methods and I have a deep love of Barbell training as a whole. I came across variants of this program while studying pre 1960's Barbell training methods and designed this to explode my clients. I train using mostly a Barbell as done right I believe there is no better strength developer. Most of the assistance lifts in this program are also Barbell movements. The movement used in this program focus on movements used commonly in the early era's of lifting and in my view are still as valid and effective as they always were. A Bench press was considered a press if it was pressed from the chest, not this move is one of the key assistance lift in the Bench Press. This is included with the "from the chest Dumbbell Press". Other movements such as heavy partial Squats from partially Squatted start positions allow you to handle lift very heavy poundage's. The program requires no special equipment apart from a basic Barbell set up, some blocks and Heavy dumbbells or kettlebell. Following this program you will gain many benefits apart from strength gains such as improved body composition improvement, metabolism and lean muscle gain. You will also find a 5 to 5 Strongman Program to use in the gym to support conditioning work in Strongman training. Want to really lift more on the squat? Then buy the 5 to 5 Barbell training program with use of heavy partials, heavy single and double and double squats. This type of old school Barbell training will add major poundage's to you squat if performed consistently. Buy it now to see for yourself. Want to explode your bench press? Then have you ever done heavy from the chest presses? with either a Barbell or Dumbbell? Buy now to learn how this Barbell training program will push your Bench strength to the limits with these two old school bench press building exercises. Buy now and you will get the same advantages of all my clients who have blown apart original lifting PB's.