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Superfoods Today Kettlebells: Beginner's Guide for New Sculpted and Strong Body: 7

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If you are overweight office worker with sedentary life, than this book is for you. If you are 30+ or 40+ and you want to get healthier and leaner, than you're at the right place. If you are younger than 30, and you want to get ripped and toned, than this book is not for you. Check Pavel's books. Author used to be overweight office worker with sedentary life. But when vascular and low thyroid problems hit him at age 38, he decided to fix his health and started eating only Superfoods instead of junk. Besides fixing his hormones and health, Superfoods made him lose 80 pounds (275 -> 195 lbs.). But sedentary life was still causing him back pain and stiffness. So, once again he started his research and after comparing all possible fitness options, he settled for Kettlebells. Kettlebells fit perfectly his busy parenting lifestyle because Kettlebells workout is quick and offers strength training, cardio component and stretching component, all under 20 minutes per workout. Author is 44 years old average office desk guy with busy private life and no time for the gym. He is Kettlebells beginner, but he managed to lose weight by eating only Superfoods and he managed to keep his low weight for more than 5 years. And he managed to make his body stronger and less stiff with Kettlebells. Just click on "Look Inside" and see the Superfoods and Kettlebells body transformation.