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Kettlebell Workouts: One Kettlebell 100 Exercises - The Superior Soviet Approach To Absolute Fitness; Kettlebell Workouts And Kettlebell Training

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One Kettlebell 100 Exercises - You Don't Need A Gym Anymore The Soviet Secret To Absolute Fitness 10 years ago few people outside of the Soviet Union knew what a kettlebell was. Today it has morphed into the 'in' piece of equipment for fat loss and functional fitness. But make no mistake - kettlebells are no passing fad. They've been around for well over a century and their time in the lime-light is well over-due. Simply put, they are one of the most time efficient ways to achieve functional whole-body fitness, while developing explosive strength and power. They're also a great way to burn through the calories and achieve peak aerobic fitness. Here's What Kettlebells Can Do For You... Improve explosive power and maximal strength Develop functional muscle mass Enhance muscular endurance Burn up to 20.2 calories per minute Promote coordination among all the muscles of the body Blast the often neglected but vital muscles of the posterior kinetic chain (the muscles you don't see in the mirror) A superior and targeted way to correct lower back issues Versatility - one kettlebell, over 100 exercises -enough said! I've Put Everything Together For You In this book you will learn exactly how to use kettlebells to forge your new body. We'll show you how to handle them, how to use them in your workouts and how to build programs around them for fat loss, muscle mass and cardio fitness. It's time to start putting those weird bowling balls with handles to use! What Makes My Title Different? Look At What You Get Kettlebell Foundation Getting To Know Your Kettlebell Clothing Considerations Safety Kettlebell Movement Technique Kettlebell Breathing Technique The 13 Soviet Kettlebell Moves With Full Descriptions And Directions 6 Optimized Soviet Kettlebell Routines As Followed Beginner Workout for Fat Loss Intermediate Workout for Fat Loss Advanced Workout for Fat Loss Beginner Workout for Muscle Gain Intermediate Workout for Muscle Gain Advanced Workout for Muscle Gain The Tabata Protocol Gone Are The Days Where You Need A Gym To Build A World Class Physique Get your copy of this absolute blueprint to building a world class physique with only a kettlebell.