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Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia VOL. 4: Kettlebell squat, swing, and windmill exercise variations - kettlebell oefeningen

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The definite kettlebell exercise encyclopedia with kettlebell exercises and variations. Over 150 pages filled with photos of kettlebell exercise, basic descriptions, and links to bonus videos.

Kettlebell training is a form of resistance training with the kettlebell. This encyclopedia and its volumes cover all kettlebell exercises with photos, descriptions, and some having step-by-step instructions. The information in this book will allow you to pick kettlebell exercises and create your own kettlebell workout and/or verify that you're doing the exercises you're already doing, correctly.

This volume covers kettlebell squat, swing, and windmill exercise variations. Each subject has just enough information to keep it basic and understandable.

Kettlebell Squat

The squat is a movement in which three joints flex, namely the ankle, knee, and hip joints. During the movement, the objective is to get the hips as low to the ground as possible while keeping the shoulders as high as possible. The squat can be performed in with the kettlebell(s) overhead, racked, or dead, however, when dead, it will be moved to the category of a lift.

Kettlebell Swing

A swing takes place when an object moves back and forth or from side to side while suspended. The swing is the foundation for many other exercises, such as the clean and snatch. The swing can be actioned as a pull or pendulum. The most common variation outside of the sport world is the pulling version whereas in the sport world it's the opposite and the pendulum is common.

Kettlebell Snatch

A snatch is a movement in which the kettlebell rapidly raised from a lower position-always below the hips-to above the head in one continuous smooth explosive movement. An example of a few common start positions are dead, hanging, and swinging.