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Kettlebell Clean Variations: Master one of the most important exercises in kettlebell training and avoid injury: 2 - happygetfit.com

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Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Fitnessinstructeur die Kettlebell Clean Variations demonstreert tegen een rotsachtige achtergrond.
Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Duik in de wereld van Kettlebell Clean Variations: Beheers een van de belangrijkste oefeningen in Kettlebell-training en voorkom blessures met deze uitgebreide gids over het beheersen van Kettlebell Clean-variaties, een belangrijk onderdeel van CrossFit. De achteromslag biedt een inzichtelijke blik op de technieken en voordelen van Kettlebell Clean Variations.

Kettlebell Clean Variations: Master one of the most important exercises in kettlebell training and avoid injury: 2

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Gratis verzending in Nederland, België en Duitsland

Uitgebreid aanbod sport en fitness producten!

Uitgebreid aanbod sport en fitness producten!

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Meer dan 500 blije sportieve klanten!

From this book, you will learn over 70 kettlebell clean variations. Seventy! This is a bold claim, but there simply is no other material out there that covers the kettlebell clean as in-depth as this book does.

Learn how to clean a kettlebell in your workouts/WODs properly so you become faster at it, more efficient, can clean heavier weight, and perform more reps without experiencing pains or aches. Beat your AMRAPs and look like a beast in your CrossFit box.

Learn how to use the clean for a full-body workout.Look like you know what you're doing in the gym.

The book comes with detailed descriptions, photos, and links to videos. There is also the option to take an online exam or become certified through Cavemantraining.

If you want to get into kettlebell training

, you can't go past the clean, as simple as this kettlebell exercise might sound, there is a whole lot involved, and is usually an area in which beginners get injured. I will cover most common injuries and how to avoid them, like banging and bruising the forearms, ripping the hands, blisters, tendonitis, etc.

This book is everyone, for at-home kettlebell enthusiasts, for crossfitters, and for fighters. I include quite a few variations of the clean that are great for MMA or BJJ fighters. This kettlebell book is for beginners, but also for those advanced, as I guarantee you that it has information you've not seen before.

With this book, you will improve your kettlebell training, learn how to avoid injuries, how to become more efficient, and learn all kettlebell clean variations to make your training more exciting.

Buy this book if you want to:

  • Learn a variety of cleans to include in your workouts
  • Learn how to safely perform the kettlebell clean
  • Learn how to progress yourself or teach others
  • Get certified online in the kettlebell clean
  • Learn everything there is about the kettlebell clean


A clean can be a transition to another move, for example performing 10 swings, clean, and perform 10 shoulder presses. A clean can be included in a combo, for example in the clean and jerk, clean and press, or clean and front squat. A clean can be an exercise on its own, for example, 10 dead cleans on the left and right side, 10 gorilla cleans, or 10 double kettlebell swing cleans.

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