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Gym Tales & Barbells: Bella's Journey

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Everyone experiences a new environment at some point in their lives. Bella the barbell was in for a shock when she stepped into the gym for the first time. Even though she feels a little bit blindsided at first, with the help of her new gym equipment friends, she finds her true purpose. Gym Tales and Barbells: Bella's Journey are perfect books for anyone who is searching to find their purpose in life. Justin Morrissette is a Level 2 CrossFit trainer, children's book author, and entrepreneur. After graduating from college with a degree in Aviation Technology, he believed it was his calling to find a job related to aviation technology; however, his plans changed and he found himself coaching CrossFit classes. Through his faith and with the help of family and friends, he is discovering his purpose and he loves to help others on that same journey. Justin wants every child to grow up to be physically and emotionally healthy and to find their true meaning and purpose in life.