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Go Ruck Yourself: A Log Book for Rucking, Hiking, and Combat Fitness Training

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Go Ruck Yourself! A Log Book for Rucking, Hiking, and Combat Fitness Training

Go Ruck Yourself! If you hate running but love rucking, this log book journal is for you. Special forces love it. You will too. Grab your alice pack and go. Bring a friend, give it as a gift to someone you love or despise. Walk, don't run! Shut up and ruck. This journal is a perfect gift for a new military recruit shipping off to boot camp or a civilian looking to get in shape. This journal features:

120 pages (60 sheets)

Enough pages to journal for 120 days! Oh, the places you'll ruck! Keep track of them all, your ruck weight, location, conditions, whatever!

Wide ruled quality weight paper with date entry and margins

Book dimensions: 6 in x 9 in

Matte finish, soft cover

Perfect notebook for journaling, a diary, and accomplishing the daily mission and objectives of a hard-working BCT recruit.