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Fitness Journal & Weight Lifting Log: Gym diary workout log book

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Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Inspirerende poster met de zinsnede "vooruitgang, geen perfectie", overlay op een kleurrijke geometrische achtergrond van driehoekige vormen in warme tinten, perfect voor het versieren van een fitnessdagboek en gewichtheffenlogboek: Gymdagboek, trainingslogboek voor vrouwen. Stel doelen, registreer lichaamssamenstelling en vetverlies, houd persoonlijke records bij, log oefeningen en meer.
Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Kleurrijke geometrische abstracte achtergrond met driehoekige facetten, ideaal voor een fitnessdagboek en gewichtheffenlog: gymdagboek, trainingslogboek voor vrouwen. Stel doelen, registreer lichaamssamenstelling en vetverlies, houd persoonlijke records bij, log oefeningen en meer.

Fitness Journal & Weight Lifting Log: Gym diary workout log book for women. Set goals, record body composition & fat loss, track personal records, log exercises + more

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Gratis verzending in Nederland, België en Duitsland

Uitgebreid aanbod sport en fitness producten!

Uitgebreid aanbod sport en fitness producten!

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Finally, a weightlifting Fitness Journal & Weight Lifting Log logbook created by women for women!

Spinning your wheels in the weights room? Want to boost your performance and make those gains?

If you're a female that likes to lift and want to understand more about your training performance to get better results, then it's time to start tracking more than just sets and reps.

A workout journal like no other, this logbook is designed to help you track not just your workouts, but many areas that affect your training: from mood and motivation, strength and energy, to sleep quality, peri-workout nutrition and even your monthly cycle.

Alongside 60 undated workout logs, there's a companion health inventory designed to help you learn about how your body performs at different times of the month and in response to different variables so you can tweak your programming and become the best version of you possible.

There's also dedicated space for goal setting, physique check-ins, tracking PRs on lifts over time and a recap at the end of the training period.

This female-specific strength training logbook helps you:

  • SET UP FOR SUCCESS WITH GOAL SETTING: Write down your goals for the training period across strength, endurance/conditioning, physique and flexibility/mobility. Get clear on your 'why' - understand what drives you to succeed.
  • MONITOR YOUR PHYSIQUE WITH MONTHLY CHECK-INS: Start with an initial check-in and follow up every month to track progress. Log weight, body fat, lean mass, water % and body measurements across 10 areas.
  • TRACK 60 WORKOUTS: If you train 5x a week, this logbook will last a full 12-week training cycle (60 workouts / 3 months). Each log has space to track 5 sets of 10 exercises + 4 cardio/endurance activities.
  • ADVANCE YOUR TRAINING WITH THE HEALTH INVENTORY: The ultimate workout log addition for women helps you understand how your training is affected by sleep, nutrition and the stage of your monthly cycle. What days do you feel strong? When do you struggle to find motivation? How often are you feeling fatigued?
  • LOG YOUR PERSONAL RECORDS: A double-page spread to record PRs and track strength progress over time.
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE SIZE: This paperback logbook is a handy 6" x 9" size, small enough to fit inside your gym bag yet large enough to write in with plenty of space for notes. It comes perfect bound with high quality (60GSM) crisp white paper.
  • MODERN & MOTIVATIONAL DESIGN: Featuring wraparound artwork on a 220GSM soft cover notebook with a glossy finish that's easy to wipe off after a sweaty gym session. (More cover designs available on our Author Page - 'The Bench Press')

The female cycle and its effect on training:

Did you know that the menstrual cycle has a huge impact on women's training? Our hormones do more than suck our motivation and make us a little moody! They affect every aspect of our fitness journey, from strength to stamina and adherence.

  • During the follicular phase, you're likely at your strongest - aim for those PRs
  • Strength is elevated during ovulation yet you become more susceptible to injury
  • In the luteal phase you generally don't feel as strong, have a higher body temperature and burn more energy from fat stores

Use the health inventory alongside your workout log to understand your personal cycle, amplify your training and achieve your fitness goals.


The perfect gym companion for any woman seeking to make gains in the gym, track their strength workouts and monitor their progress with this Fitness Journal & Weight Lifting Log. (It also makes a great gift for all your fitness sisters!)

Get your training on the right track! Don't wait until the new year to start, grab a copy now!

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