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Dumbbell Workout Guide: How To Get Fit And Strong As Hell With Dumbbell Training (English Edition)

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Ready to Forge Strength & Build Muscle With Dumbbells?

If so you've found the right book to turn that dream or goal into a reality.

I'm Frank Sasso, and I'm not here to brag about my own feats of strong. No, I'm here to focus on you.

I'm here to explain to you everything you need to know about building muscle and strength the right way, using only a pair of dumbbells.

Whether You Want To Increase Your Strength, Build Muscle Or Increase Endurance I've Got You Covered

Here's a preview of what you can expect to find within the pages of my dumbbell workout guide book...

  • An Introduction To Dumbbell Training

  • The History Of Dumbbell Training

  • The Big Benefits Of Dumbbell Training

  • AN Objective Look At The Disadvantages Of Dumbbell Training

  • Dumbbells Vs. Barbells, Machines & Bodyweight

  • The Different Styles Of Dumbbells Explained (And Which You Should Be Using)

  • How To Make Your Own Dumbbells At Home (Must Read DIY Alternatives)

  • Meet Your Makers – The Top Dumbbell Exercises

  • Body Part Specific Dumbbell Exercises Including:

  • Dumbbell Chest Exercises

  • Dumbbell Back Exercises

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

  • Dumbbell Triceps Exercises

  • Dumbbell Biceps Exercises

  • Dumbbell Leg Exercises

  • Dumbbell Workout Regimes

  • And Much, Much More!

Order Your Copy Now And Get Started Transforming Your Physique With Dumbbells!