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Definitive Kettlebell Guide: For The Versatility One

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Gratis verzending in Nederland, België en Duitsland

Gratis verzending in Nederland, België en Duitsland

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Gratis retourneren binnen 30 dagen

Meer dan 500 blije sportieve klanten!

Meer dan 500 blije sportieve klanten!

Take Your Home Workout To The Next Level With The Definitive Kettlebell Guide By Richard Robertson!

Do you want to boost your strength training?

Looking for a way to supercharge your kettlebell workout?

Need a comprehensive and easy-to-follow kettlebell book for your beginner workout?

Here's How You Can Make The Most Of Your Kettlebell Training & Build The Body Of Your Dreams!

Now you don't have to spend a small fortune on personal trainers or costly gym subscriptions in order to build the body of your dreams. All you need is a set of kettlebells and this comprehensive kettlebell weight workout guide.

Richard Robertson, a seasoned veteran personal trainer and expert nutritionist, has created an all-inclusive kettlebell training book that will help you:

✅Learn the History of the Kettlebell

✅Understand the Benefits of Kettlebell Training

✅Discover Different Training Variations

✅Choose the Right Kettlebell for Your Needs

✅Master the Fundamental Kettlebell Movements

And The Best Part?

By the end of this game-changing kettlebell workout book, you will be able to develop your own kettlebell workout program based on your body's needs, goals, and schedule.

That's Not All!

This kettlebell training fundamentals guide includes 4 different kettlebell workout programs that will allow you to unleash your inner beast and shatter your limits.

☑️ Strength Training Workout Program

☑️ Full-Body Conditioning Kettlebell Workout Program

☑️ Strength-Based Cardio Kettlebell Workout

☑️ Core & Mobility Kettlebell Workout

"I Have Never Tried A Kettlebell Workout Before, Is This Book For Me"

YES! Even if you are a complete kettlebell rookie, this simple guide will leave no stone unturned and help you start working out using kettlebells, avoid common mistakes, and transform your body- one workout at a time!

What Are You Waiting For? There Are No More Excuses!

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