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Barbells for Your Brain: 432 topics to Juice Up your Idea Muscle and Free Your Inner Creative Genius

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If you've read James Altucher's "Choose Yourself", you realize just how self-empowering it is to keep your mind sharp and your creativity flowing. However, sometimes just coming up with a topic to have ten ideas about is a challenge, time consuming, and possibly the stumbling block that is keeping you from this amazing daily practice in the first place! If you find yourself getting stuck on idea creation, this workbook, "Barbells for Your Brain" gives you at least a year's work of idea topics, providing you with the sparks you are looking for to start your own bonfire of creativity. Now you get straight to the practice of exercising your Idea Muscle, and one step closer to changing your life for the better! The eBook version comes with hyperlinks to information and tips mentioned in the book, the tBook ("tree book", paperback) is perfect for use as a daily journal, keeping all your ideas in one place, and preserved for review.