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Ab Fitness Rollers With Knee Pads Abs Fitness And Training Gym Fitness Accessories.

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  • ☆Enhance the strength of the body: the abdominal roller is designed to help you build stronger abdominal muscles. Abdominal wheel, improve your general health, and exercise at home, gym or office. Add to shopping cart now. Enjoy your fitness exercise.
  • ☆High-quality service: Train with the incredible fitness equipment you deserve. The anti-skid and wear-resistant texture of the abdominal wheel is durable, and the high-toughness rubber material is matched with the anti-skid texture, which can effectively prevent sports skidding and ensure the stability and comfort of exercise. And can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • ☆Full body training-make your body to a higher level. This high-quality home fitness equipment can strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, shoulder, arm and leg muscles. Abdominal wheel training can maximize your cardiovascular endurance, endurance and speed, thus making you an excellent fitness exerciser.
  • ☆The best value of the best quality-save the time and money of gym members. Our professional, portable games are easy to assemble and fun to use, making them ideal training equipment for men and women. Whether your goal is fast exercise or aerobic exercise, our abdominal training equipment is the ideal choice for your home gym. It is also a great training game for basketball, football, boxing, MMA players and personal trainers.