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Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Boekomslag voor "Kettlebell Conjugate V2: Long Cycle" met een man die een kettlebell boven zijn hoofd tilt, met een sportschoolachtergrond.
Laad afbeelding in Galerijviewer, Achterkant van een boek met de titel "Kettlebell Conjugate v2: Long Cycle by Douglas Smith", met een rode achtergrond met zwart-witte tekst waarin de kracht- en conditioneringsfuncties en -doelen van het conjugaatprogramma worden beschreven, samen met contactgegevens onderaan.

Kettlebell Conjugate V2: Long Cycle

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Een zwarte achtergrond met een vliegtuig dat in de lucht vliegt.

Gratis verzending in Nederland, België en Duitsland

Uitgebreid aanbod sport en fitness producten!

Uitgebreid aanbod sport en fitness producten!

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This program is my brain child after completing Gregor’s original conjugate program and wanting to write a program that was more long cycle specific, and wanting to double the length of the program and add some volume. I also wanted to add in some more strength and conditioning work. All of the information in this program and it’s design, is the culmination of training under multiple coaches, competing at three IUKL world championships and multiple national championships in America and Canada as well as European championships. I am an advocate for learning from as many people as possible, and this program uses information and methods learned from not only Gregor Sobocan, but all of my coaches, as well as methods and theories developed by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, and a few tricks we developed at our gym Pride Conditioning. I truly hope you enjoy this program and I am confident you will have “fun” with it! This program is challenging but doable, and it is great for intermediate and advanced lifters looking for a different format in their off-season training.


If you do not know how to use a kettlebell, how to squat, how to deadlift, how to do a clean and jerk on a barbell or with a kettlebell, and if you have never competed in a kettlebell lifting competition this book is NOT for you! This is not a “how to lift kettlebells” book, this is a program for intermediate to advanced lifters. And I highly recommend you complete Coach Gregor’s original conjugate program first before attempting this program!

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