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Top 5 Best Home Sports Equipment -HappyGetFit

Want to work out but don't have time to go to the gym? Here are the advice of happygetfit

Since I wanted to keep fit and maintain myself physically, I signed up for the gym 2 years ago. Unfortunately, after 2 months I already didn't take the time to get there (I had a 20-minute drive and closer might have made a difference). So that's € 550 that I spent for about 10 sessions. Ouch! € 55 per session, I did not get a return on my 1 year subscription.

Then, while visiting a friend, I noticed that she had an elliptical trainer in her house. I had seen it before but hadn't really paid attention to it before. She told me that she bought it a year ago, and that she uses it every other day during her little girl's nap. This is this model (on happygetfit.com).

After our discussion on the subject and after personal reflection, I decide to buy my own home sports device. Yes but what to choose? Which sports device to choose? I don’t have a place like in a gym and I cannot financially afford to buy 3 or 4 different devices.

1- The rower

The rower is one of the best home sports equipment. It makes 80% of the body's muscles work intensely. It’s not my favorite or the most popular device, but it’s the most effective home exercise machine for weight loss and muscle building. The rower is the device used by the majority of athletes in physical preparation.

Choosing the right rower can make all the difference, in fact, there are several resistance technologies available for sale. If you want a silent rower, take a magnetic rower, for real resistance, take an air model, if you want a rowing experience, take a water model etc ...


2- The elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer provides movement halfway between a stepper and an exercise bike. For no particular medical reason, 3/4 of users are women. Why? Because the elliptical trainer has been acclaimed for its movement which essentially works the thighs and buttocks for better curves (but also incidentally works the arms, calves and abs).

The elliptical trainer takes up floor space. remember to reserve a space for it in your home because it is a device that is not easy to move. Also, consider choosing a model with on-screen programs to vary the effort.


3- The exercise bike

The exercise bike is very popular in France and they sell thousands of copies every week. They are popular for their low purchase cost and for the small amount of space they take up. They are generally foldable.

Note that the exercise movement can be boring and only work the lower part of the body. Consider going upmarket by choosing a smoother pedaling exercise bike with a heavier flywheel and a screen with built-in programs to vary your efforts.

4- The treadmill

Another very popular exercise device in the gym is the treadmill. The big advantage of this device is that it can run all year round in any weather, dry and warm. This exercise works the lower part of the body.

The treadmill is appreciated and adapted by everyone. The first price mats have small motors and small running belts only suitable for walking. If you want to run and fully benefit from the incline, alternation of speed and damping, you will need to move up the range.

5- The stepper

The stepper is one of the first sports equipment to have passed through the doors of apartments and single-family homes. It is an exercise that works the calves, thighs and buttocks.

The stepper, like the elliptical trainer, is mainly used by the fairer sex. For the price of jeans, you can strengthen your glutes and thighs in minutes a day. As with any device, this is a great exercise as long as it is used regularly.

Note: Some low-end steppers are not stable, choose a model that is heavy and wide enough.